The Country Mentality

Different Than the City

This is probably as obvious as anything else: in general, the people’s mentality in the Countryside is different than the people’s mentality in the City. Just to be clear and on the safe side: everything written in this post should not be seen as absolute. Meaning that what I write here is my personal experience from both living in big Cities and now living in the Canadian Countryside. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition, neither is better than the other. It’s just different. That’s all.

So where is the mentality different then? Lets make a list: [Read more...]

Country Food Cooking

What Is Healthy Food?

slow food dishI am not going to write the epic article that will define in absolute terms what healthy food is. But I have personally experienced that living in the Countryside has brought with it for me the sense of heating healthy food.

For one, the closest McDonalds is a thirty-minute drive away. So ever since I moved here I have cut down on my junk food intake already. And, boy, does a Big Mac taste nice every once in a while when I eat one. [Read more...]

Tips on How to Choose the Best Plumbers to Hire

There are things that you can fix by yourself and there are also those that must be left to the experts. Being able to determine which issues you must leave to the professionals can prevent the problem from getting worse. Some of the most common concerns experienced in households are related to plumbing. If it is a simple problem like a loose faucet handle and you are confident that you can fix it, by all means, do so.

However, if you are not a DIY type of person and you are not sure if it is something that you can do, it is best to let the experts, like the professional Anaheim plumbers, handle it. Some of the services they offer include tub replacement, water heater repair, water line damage repair and replacement of shower valves. There are several companies offering plumbing services but not all of them deliver. Here are some tips to consider when choosing best plumbers to hire.

1. Get Recommendations from People You Trust

One of the best ways to find potential plumbers to hire is by asking people close to you. See if they have hired a plumber in the past and ask if they were satisfied. The information that you will get them from them is valuable since they have first-hand experience on the plumbing service recommended.

2. Choose Local Plumbers

It is practical to find plumbers who are located within your area so they can get to you faster. For instance, if you live in Atlanta, find professional Atlanta plumbers offering their service in the city. If you hire a plumber from another city, not only it would take time to have your problem resolved, but you may also be charged extra for their travel expenses.

3. Get Quotations and Compare

Most plumbers give a fixed rate on specific services offered. You may call them to get an estimate by phone. Those who have their own websites often have an online form for requesting quotes. Do a comparison to determine which of them has the best offer. However, this does not mean that you should immediately hire someone just because you are given the lowest rate. Other factors must also be taken into consideration to get the best service at the most reasonable price.

4. Find a Licensed Plumber

To make sure that the plumber you will hire has the right training and needed experience, find one who is licensed to provide plumbing services in your area. Ask the license number and verify if it is valid by doing a search online. There are websites that would let you do the verification like this site. The plumber must also be insured to make sure that damages to your property due to the service provided would be covered.

5. Choose One that Offers Warranty

This is important to make sure that you get immediate help in case the problem persists, without having to spend more money.

Plumbing issues could happen anytime. Start searching for the best plumbers to hire and save their number to have it ready in case you may need their help.

Challenges For Gun Owners Moving From the Country to the City

Moving from the open plains or the lush forests to the bright lights and concrete ribbons of the city, can provide the gun owner with many challenges. As with states, many cities have differing local ordinances that concern or deal with gun ownership. Beyond just the knowledge of these ordinances, the proper storage and security measures must be acted upon in accordance with state and local regulations. Not to mention common sense precautions taken against unauthorized or accidental access to weapons. Something that might not have been an issue in the country.

Some cities mandate trigger locks and or gun safe storage of weapons stored in the home. Other cities might also add, that in order to transport a handgun from home to range, these weapons must be secured in a portable weapon locker or safe. In these cities and others, it is best to have quality and reliable gun safes. A good place to begin looking at firearm security is by checking out a site that specializes in gun specializes in safe reviews like this site.

Another challenge faced is the shear number of people who are near an individual location. In the country, it is possible that the nearest neighbor is quite a distance away. However, in the city, it is most likely that the distance will be labeled in feet and not yards, as it might be in the country. It is a shear numbers game. The more people, the more of a chance that unauthorized access to a home, and possibly to a gun owners weapons, will occur. Therefore, even in cities that do not have local ordinances concerning weapon storage or transportation it is best to keep all weapons secured at all time.

All responsible gun owners know that proper and safe storage is a way to help prevent accidental access to a weapon. Accidents do happen, from misfires while cleaning to children playing and spotting an unsecured weapon. In the country, where access is easily controlled and new parameters are rarely introduced to a household, the likelihood of accidental access is perhaps less than in a city. Cities however, by their very nature present a dynamic environment. Gun security and storage in such an environment only makes common sense. That is why gun safes are a easy and safe way to protect against accidental access, while still preserving the ability to protect the home in case of emergency. Proper gun storage protects the homeowner from liability and gives a gun owner peace of mind.

As opposed to the country, the city has many different challenges. Local ordinances, new rules and requirements for transporting a weapon, things not typically an issue for the gun owner in the countryside. Most deal with how a weapon is stored and that usually requires a gun safe or weapons locker. Take the time to look at all the different guns safes and find the right one that meets the requirements of not only the locale in which a person resides but for the person themselves.

Preparing Your Family and Property for a Storm When You Live in the Countryside

There are a lot of countryside areas all over the world that are prone to storms. Sometimes, the damages can be very devastating. Loss of lives and properties may also be very high. Therefore, if you have chosen to live in a countryside, you need to know exactly what to do to prepare for a storm.

  • Inspect the trees surrounding your house. When you are in the countryside, you can expect lots of trees around your place. During storms, these trees may cause potential damages especially if they fall towards the direction of your house. Thus, you need to cut tall and brittle trees. Younger ones that may easily be uprooted should also be cut down. If your place is really prone to storms, then you must start studying the types of trees that are safe to be planted. 
  • Make sure that everything that you need while waiting for the storm is complete. You need to have your first aid kits, stocks of foods, drinking water, clean clothes and other supplies. Your house might be a few miles away from the nearest store. Therefore, if the roads are impassable after the storm, at least you can sustain for the next few days. 
  • If you have relatives in other places, try to contact them before the storm. Communication lines might be cut after the storm. Therefore, if they don't hear anything from you in a day or two, you can tell them to send rescue people to your area. 
  • Build a basement where your entire family can hide while waiting the storm. Sometimes, storms can carry extremely strong winds to the point that the entire house will be destroyed. When you have a basement, at least you can ensure the safety of your family.
  • Have your roof fixed. Even weaker storms may pose potential damages especially if your roofs are not repaired. To save time and money, Proven Roofers is the best website to connect you with top local roofing companies and roofing contractors. When your roof remains strong throughout the ordeal, then your family is safe. If there is a need to change the roof, then install new ones. Small holes in the roof may even cause water to flood the insides of your house.  
  • Know where the nearest evacuation centers are. If you run out of supplies, you will most likely find help from these centers. Also, if you don't think your house will be able to sustain strong winds, then just bring your entire family to the evacuation center. The government will only designate evacuation centers that are deemed safe. 
  • Always stay informed. Listen to weather updates and news flash. Make sure that you know when the storm could possibly hit your area. If you think it is already on its way, then don't do any activities outdoors anymore. 
  • Yes, storms can be very devastating. However, there are certain ways to ensure that your family is safe. Even if you have to spend more to reconstruct your place later on, it is fine as long as everyone in the family is alive.

    Remove Clutter From My Property

    Living in the country is great, but the one thing with all this extra space is that you have room for all the stuff you really don’t need. I have decided to take on the project of removing all the junk on my property. I have thought about this for a while and finally had a little extra time to take on the project. I am looking forward to looking around and seeing nature not junk!

    Finding a Storage Unit

    I tried to be as good as I could about junking stuff but there was a lot of stuff that I just could not get rid of. For example my father’s old guitar, a band saw I’ve had since I was 10, you get the idea. There was also some stuff laying around that I may sell and might be worth some money. Either way I needed to find a storage unit to stick all my items in. I ended up using this site to find self storage units that were perfect for my needs. I also thought about just renting out a container that would stay on my property. This would make sorting the items at a later date and selling them more convenient, but decided not to since the whole idea was to remove stuff from my property. Here is the link to the on storage containers that I liked. The rental is a fair price, but my next project is to sort through all the items so I can get rid of that monthly fee. If you don’t know being a freelancer has its ups and downs, so I try to keep all my monthly bills in check.

    Finding Some Extra Help

    I knew this project could not be completed without some helpers. I needed helpers not only to get the job done faster but also help with some of the heavier items. To find some help I scoped out craigslist as well as posted a bulletin at the local college job center. I ended up finding two college students that needed some extra money. Both were male in their early 20′s, which I was looking for to help with the lifting. If you ever need some help with a project, I defiantly recommend going to your local college. It helps the students to pay their college fees and they do great work for a decent price. I paid my two helpers $11 and hour.

    Clearing Out the Junk

    A lot of the junk on the property was just as I said it, junk. I have a small pickup but unless I wanted to make a ton of trips to the local recycle center, I knew I needed something a bit bigger. I was going to rent a full size truck but after all costs and labor was tallied up, I decided to have a local junk removal company do the heavy lifting. Their fees where going to be about the same as if I rented a truck and the cool thing is that they do all the dirty work. Two men came out with a truck and loaded all my junk and hauled it away. All that was required on my part was to pile the stuff and I used my two little helpers for that. The guys that came out did an awesome job and it relieved a lot of stress on my part.

    Locksmith Career Guide

    Locksmiths generally offer a wide range of services related to entry and access to secure premises and objects, fitting, changing and maintaining locking devices for private and public clients. They might work from an office, on a travelling basis, work to actually make locks using their metal-work skills, work for a company network, although most of work is now done by changing/replacing pre-made parts.

    What does the job involve?

    Being a locksmith entails a variety of activities. Some of the common tasks include:

    1. Travelling with locksmith equipment to carry out their job

    2. Operating through a store-based or freelance business

    3. Answering to the client’s queries and quoting prices for different services to them

    4. Researching and learning about new techniques

    5. Testing different mechanisms and practicing them

    6. Using state-of-the-art tools to complete different tasks like changing locks

    7. Keeping account of all the sales transactions

    8. Marketing their locksmith services via different media channels

    9. Servicing different door hardware like hinges

    10. Attending calls to respond to customers’ emergency situations


    Some locksmiths work for larger businesses on a set salary, which roughly starts at $20,000 to $23000 and increases with time and experience. However, majority of the locksmiths work on a self-employed, freelance basis, and thus earn variable remuneration, replying on the type and amount of business they manage to take on. Since different sort of jobs offer different fees, the pay-scale locksmiths vary a lot. In many cases, you are going to give a quote to your client for a specific job, based on the data they give you. In some cases, on the other hand, you might opt to charge on an hourly basis, provided that the job has numerous unknown variables. The cost per hour for your services can be anything between $50 and $150 and perhaps more than that, depending on call-out times, transport costs, etc…

    Skills Required

    If you wish to start your own freelance locksmith career, here are some necessary skills you need to acquire:

    1. Practical thinking and manual dexterity

    2. An interest in keys and locks

    3. A good understanding of security systems and modern locks

    4. Customer service skills

    5. The ability to run and market your independent business

    6. The ability to utilize different specialist tools correctly

    7. Being able to drive to be able to reach your clients

    Understandably, the locksmith industry is quite large. Therefore, you should always try to get more skills in computer software, door hardware and other mechanisms that do not really revolve particularly around locks. A leading locksmith business you should try to model from is Locksmiths Bournemouth, view their website here!




    Business Efficiencies in Modern Agriculture

    With the world population growing at such a rapid rate it is imperative that the increasing demand for food and renewable resources continues to be met. The agricultural industry is responsible for finding ways to sustainably and cost-efficiently produce high-quality food as well as to track, manage, and ship that food that food. The challenges involved in doing so are becoming greater with each passing year. Basic resources for growing and producing food such as available crop land and clean water are limited, particularly in places like California which has been ensconced in severe drought conditions for the last several months. This is disconcerting considering the fact that many industry forecasters predict that in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand for food around the world, agricultural production over the next two decades will have to double its current output.

    In order to meet this challenge, innovative and more efficient solutions are required. The yield of crop harvests is largely determined by environmental factors like heat and cold. Such conditions, at or near their extremes, cause plants to experience stress which lead to a reduction in the quantity and quality of a given yield. To combat this particular problem, researchers are working toward the development of “stress-tolerant” plants. These kinds of plants have a higher resistance level when it comes to environmental extremes, examples of which can be found in naturally stress-resistant plants like cacti in desert regions. The genes and other characteristics of these kinds of plants are being carefully studied in order to understand what kinds of properties makes them resistant to such extremes so that these characteristics might be applied to crops like wheat, soy, and corn.

    Researchers have identified some of these genes and have been experimenting with transferring them into rice plants. The yield from these modified plants has been proven to be as much as 20% higher than those without the gene. Other plants are being tested in this way and researchers expect that the same yield improvement will be seen in crops like cotton, canola, and soy. This comes as very encouraging news to an industry that is essentially responsible for feeding the planet.

    Country Livin’

    There are major differences between living in the city and living in the country. In my younger years I loved the hustle and bustle of "city life". I reveled in the spontaneity and adventure that the city offered. I experienced so many things and met so many amazing people over the years. It seemed like there was no "end" to a day in the city. The night would carry-on into the wee hours of the next morning and it would all begin again. I was able to get around without a vehicle because of public transportation. At first I loved this luxury. Eventually though, having to wait on a train schedule and rely on lifts and cabs got to be expensive. What I used to regard as "freedom" from a vehicle I now regarded as a hassle!

    Making the Move
    When I decided to pack up and move out of the city I didn't realize how much more responsibility I would have to take on myself. As a homeowner, I was now in charge of things that my building superintendent and on-site handyman had taken care of for me for so many years. Not to mention I now had the investment of my own vehicle, which I at first, welcomed with open arms. 

    The Catch
    What I wasn't prepared for with my "situation" was getting locked out. It feels like within the first year of living out of the city and the comfort of my "building neighbors" I was locked out of everything from my home, to my car to my new office. I didn't realize I had become so accustomed to others "having my back" when it came to getting into and out of situations. Now living in the country I had to accept a new method of thinking. After becoming close friends with my local locksmiths, like Locksmiths Southampton, I realized I had to make a change. I immediately backed up any and all keys I had in my possession… hiding them in various places and giving copies to close friends. 

    Moving from the city to the country is quiet and beautiful. At my age, it is a welcomed respite from the "hustle and bustle" I once loved. It does, however, give you a new sense of responsibility. I think I've finally got the hang of it now… 

    Why It’s Cool to be a Middle-Aged Traveler

    These days, you'll often come across middle-aged couples mixed in with solo backpackers in their twenty-something years exploring various tourist attractions and not-so-popular sites around the world.

    If you are nearing your retirement years or already retired, it's definitely great to take the time to travel once in a while. It's good for your peace of mind and overall well-being, not to mention enriching your mind with greater knowledge. Personally, I love learning about new cultures and discovering historical places I haven't been to before because I consider this brain exercise and vitamins for the soul.

    You've Got the Money

    When you are in your middle ages, you are likely to have more cash saved up for your trip. This will allow you to enjoy the wonderful perks of traveling to the country or city of your choice. It's certainly cooler to relish the "good life" by dining in luxurious restaurants and availing of deluxe tours such as the European river cruises rather than limiting yourself to daily meals at McDonald's and settling for just free sightseeing. Naturally, you can make the most of your vacation when you've got the money to experience everything you want to experience.

    You're Generally Wiser

    Being wiser, you can plan your holiday better and make wiser decisions as to where to stay, what activity to try out, and more. It's not just a matter of having fun, splurging, and indulging. You can maximize your stay while being more sensible.

    Furthermore, robbers and con artists are more likely to target the younger and naïve-looking travelers instead of coming after you. At the same time, you can better get away with bargaining and complaining because people will also tend to respect you more.

    You'll Likely Enjoy More Perks

    If you are a senior citizen, you might just enjoy added perks even if you are a tourist. In some places, you'll probably get discounts on food and entrance fees. Even the tour guides may give you certain advantages such as being first in line or getting the good seats in the bus or in a theater.

    Never think that you're too old to travel. In my case, even if I truly love living in the countryside, I still make it a point to try fresh adventures and discover new places all the time. Believe me, it will do your health wonders, make you happier and feeling young, and give you greater reason to live.

    5 Outdoor Spring Cleanups Every Homeowner Needs to Do

    Winters, especially like the one many of us experienced this past year, can be very tough on our homes and landscape making spring cleanup something every homeowner needs to do. Here are 5 must perform task you should start once the weather warms up a bit.

    #1. Take an Inventory: Winter storms that produce heavy snow and high winds can cause a lot of damage that may go unseen during the long darker days of December, January and February. All homeowners, as soon as the weather permits, need to get outdoors and take an inventory of their property. Check the roof for signs of wear or damage do to fallen tree branches. Look closely at gutters and clean any debris that may have built up over the long winter. Clogged gutters can cause rain water or melting snow to back up into the home.

    When taking your inventory, be certain to examine any outdoor structures like decks, garages, fences and sheds for signs of damage or advancing stages of deterioration. Staying on top of any needed repairs can save you money in the long run.

    #2. Examine Trees and Scrubs: Once again damage from heavy wet snow or high winds can be sever on trees and scrubs over the winter. Consider having a tree service came in and survey your property as Spring is the perfect time to perform any tree trimming or pruning.

    Plants and scrubs also need some tender loving care in the spring, so be sure to pay close attention to all your outdoor gardening needs.

    #3. Cleanup: Winter arrived early in many parts of the country and many homeowners never got around to adequately getting things ready for the season. Run the mower over the lawn for a quick cleanup. If there are any dried leaves or plant life, mowing would break them up and add nutrients back into the soil. Look in corners and tight spaces for leaf buildup and place in proper recycling bags for pickup.

    #4. Restore Outdoor Furniture: Outdoor furniture is always best put away or covered over the winter, but many people fail to do so. If that is the case, then you should consider performing some restoration on your deck and garden furnishings. Wrought iron can and should be repainted and rust proofed. Wood chairs and tables can also be stained or painted, and the grill will most certainly need a once over.

    #5. Power Wash: Power washers have really come down in price and are a great item every homeowner should consider purchasing. From siding to walkways right down to the deck, a good power wash can return the luster to anything exposed to the elements. Can’t afford the power washer? Consider renting one for the day. You will be so happy with the results that purchasing one will become a priority.

    The winter of 2014 was an unusually rough one for nearly everyone, while our yards and outdoor living spaces really paid the price. Spring cleanup this year is something you cannot ignore. Besides, getting out and Performing these tasks in the early spring will allow for months of enjoyment once the real outdoor season begins.

    My Gripe With The Lack Of Surgery Options In Rural Areas

    Beauty shot of a young model touching her face and looking up, isolated on whiteEver since I made the move from the city out to the country one thing that has constantly surprised me is the lack of proper medical facilities.

    Now, I am not naïve enough to think that the government is going to build a super modern hospital in the middle of nowhere that only receives a few patients a month however getting access to a doctor or other medical professional is very difficult out here.

    I’ll use an example to show you what I mean.

    My wife was considering undergoing liposuction.

    She had lost a lot of weight in recent years however with the house renovations finally completed we thought that having this done would take her back to her ideal weight and we had the funds to do it as well. The problem is actually having the procedure completed where we live or rather anywhere near where we live.

    In the city I could think of 5 places off the top of my head where liposuction is offered and I could probably find 10 more with a simple internet search. Certainly this is one of the big differences between our old life and new one.

    So we decided to look for liposuction Washington DC as we felt that this was within our reach to get there without it being a ridiculous journey and we came across the Center For Positive Aging. On the one hand this required us to travel a fair distance however on the other they provided all the basic amenities that my wife needed so that we didn’t have to travel back either the same day or the next.

    The procedure is hardly the most complicated however there is some recovery time involved and travelling a long distance immediately afterwards is not recommended.

    In many ways this raised some interesting points overall about health and cosmetic surgery care in rural areas. I know that in some places there is a sort of traveling surgeon that works in clinics all around so that, in at least parts of the year, local rural residents can get basic surgeries or cosmetic work carried out without having to travel the better part of a day to get to the nearest city.

    Unfortunately this hasn’t manifested itself near us yet however I have been looking into ways to try and raise awareness for this. We have some towns near us which would probably have many of the facilities that are required for this kind of procedure and even basic surgery however we lack the medical expertise. No-one is willing to come out here and work full time if there is no guarantee of patients – it is understandable that they would be much more useful in a densely packed city where their office would be filled every day.

    Well this was just something that was going around in my head and the good news is that the liposuction was a success and everything is back to normal again.

    Hopefully if one of us needs treatment in the future then it will be much more accessible out here in the country and we won’t have to travel such a long distance.

    Dealing with the Financial Turmoil of a Lawsuit

    In these crazy times of financial instability and everyday demands, it is important to get a little help when you can. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone simply knocked on your door and handed you a large sum of money to help you make ends meet? I know from experience that the odds of this magical knock on the door are slim! However, there are many financial options available to people that they are simply just not aware of. Often times, there are viable options for individuals who need money immediately, but because they don’t understand these options and are rightfully cautious when it comes to money matters, these options go unnoticed.

    I remember when I was a kid I always used to watch the Ed McMahon specials where he would knock on someone’s door and hand them an over-sized check for a million dollars. Whenever someone would knock on our door I would rush to find out who it was just hoping it was Ed. Unfortunately, it never was. But that’s ok, my family and I seemed to do just fine with a giant cardboard check.

    As a rule, I like to think that good can come out of any bad situation. When it comes to a lawsuit, there is no “fun” way to go about dealing with one. Lawsuits are intrinsically time consuming and a hassle for mostly everyone involved. In some cases, they go beyond a simple inconvenience and can negatively impact our lives financially, emotionally and physically (as is the case in personal injury suits, wrongful termination suits and harassment suits.) There can be a silver lining, though.

    Lawsuit loans are a viable option for you and your family when it comes to getting money fast. Maybe you have been out of work due to a personal injury and need the money to pay off debts and monthly bills. Maybe you need money to pay your legal team in order to ensure that your case is kept a top priority. In any event, lawsuit funding companies are a good option to look into. The good news about lawsuit funding companies is that they assume all of the risk. There is no need for you to put up collateral in the form of your house or your car. To put it simply, the lawsuit funding company projects a settlement for your case and awards you that monetary projection. Instead of having to wait years in civil court awaiting your settlement, the company funds you the money. The best part? If you don’t win- you don’t pay! It’s that simple.

    If this sounds too good to be true, I assure you it isn’t! You can find out more about lawsuit funding and if it is right for you by clicking on this link. Get informed about your financial status and the options available to you!

    I don’t think they’re still doing the Ed McMahon specials but I know that I always feel that brief sense of excitement every time the doorbell rings. Maybe someday someone actually will show up with a bag of money but until then I guess we’ll all need to be more practical about our finances.

    Why I Love My Life Here in the Greater Toronto Countryside

    I have been living in the Greater Toronto countryside for more than two decades now. Even though some people might think of life in the countryside as too boring, not once have I regretted moving here. Over the years I have spent here, I have developed a successful a career as a freelance writer. Had I stayed in the city, I probably would have ended up unhappy with work. Life in the country has given me so many wonderful opportunities the city didn’t. Some people may think that there are always more opportunities in the city, but this isn’t actually always the case. In fact, the opposite can actually be true sometimes. There are other reasons why I love my life in the countryside, and I’ll go over them in this post.

    One of the things that I love about the countryside is the fact that I don’t have to worry about my finances here. Living here is much more affordable so I don’t have to worry about my expenditures and earnings that much. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I don’t make it a point to earn a lot of money here. In fact, I actually earn more here than I did in the city. I actually still have to avail of the bookkeeping services that Toronto firms offer in order to set my finances straight. Yes, it is actually possible to earn so much in the country as to warrant hiring a certified accountant and bookkeeper that Toronto citizens trust. Without their help, I’d probably be losing money for incurring penalties with regard to my tax.

    In addition to having better financial standing, living here has also helped me become a better father to my daughters. Luckily, my wife and I decided to move here back when they were still young. Thanks to the slower pace of life here in the countryside, I was able to have greater focus on raising my kids during the most crucial years of their childhood. Had we stayed in the city, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do my best in helping them become the best they can be.

    Of course, one other thing that has made life here in the country so much better is the fact that it gives me more time to pursue my interest in art. Since moving here, I have done so many installations. In fact, I’ve already had a few exhibitions here. Look it up on the internet and you’ll see that some people actually consider me a “celebrated artist.”

    Hopefully, what I have written here will give you a good glimpse of my wonderful life here in the country. I am not saying that everyone will have a much better life here; I am, however, pointing out that it is certainly possible to have a better life here in the country in the city. People should stop equating life in the country with boredom. In fact, all of the people I know who moved to the country actually find life here more interesting.