The Country Mentality

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Different Than the City

This is probably as obvious as anything else: in general, the people’s mentality in the Countryside is different than the people’s mentality in the City. Just to be clear and on the safe side: everything written in this post should not be seen as absolute. Meaning that what I write here is my personal experience from both living in big Cities and now living in the Canadian Countryside. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition, neither is better than the other. It’s just different. That’s all.

So where is the mentality different then? Lets make a list: [Read more...]

Country Food Cooking

What Is Healthy Food?

slow food dishI am not going to write the epic article that will define in absolute terms what healthy food is. But I have personally experienced that living in the Countryside has brought with it for me the sense of heating healthy food.

For one, the closest McDonalds is a thirty-minute drive away. So ever since I moved here I have cut down on my junk food intake already. And, boy, does a Big Mac taste nice every once in a while when I eat one. [Read more...]

Enhancing Your Beauty with Rhinoplasty

Feeling good about the way you look can bring you confidence. While it’s true that what still matters most is what’s on the inside, wouldn’t it be much better if you’re beautiful in and out? There’s nothing wrong in trying to enhance your physical appearance. As mentioned, this could make you feel better, thus making you happier and improving your self esteem.

Whether you’re in the big city or the country side, there are now different solutions available that would help you look better. There are products that are designed to hide flaws or treat various beauty problems. Cosmetic surgery is also another popular solution and it’s very common in Atlanta. One of the procedures offered by surgeons is rhinoplasty or nose job. This type of plastic surgery would give you the shape and size of nose that would complement your face.

Who is it for?

Rhinoplasty in Atlanta is for those who are not satisfied with how their nose looks. It’s also for those who are having difficulties breathing because of the structure of their nose. If you’re one of these people, then you may be a good candidate for the procedure. You should also be in good health in order to make healing faster.

What to Expect?

Knowing what to expect would make you feel more confident regarding your decision whether you should push through with the surgery or not. Since your overall health will be considered, you must consult trusted surgeon to see if the surgery can be performed on you. Only let a board certified surgeon that specializes in doing a nose job in Atlanta perform the procedure. One that’s board certified has passed the required education and training making sure that he is qualified to do the job. You may also check on the before and after photos of previous patients to see the result.

During the consultation, the problem that needs fixing would be discussed. Measurements would also be taken to ensure accuracy on the changes that would be made. Your surgeon will discuss the options for you, which often include close and open surgery. Close surgery will include incision on the nostrils and changes will be made while operating on the inside of the nose. Open surgery involves making an incision that would separate the nostrils giving the surgeon a better view on the parts that need to be worked on. This is usually done on more complex procedures. A schedule will be made for your surgery and post operative instructions would be given to you. It’s recommended that you get enough rest and eat healthy to strengthen your system and make healing faster after the procedure.

Once done with the surgery, you would be asked to take care not to bump your nose on anything. Recovery often lasts for about six weeks.

You need to go back to your doctor on the date specified in order to remove your dressing, as well as check on the success of the operation. This procedure doesn’t come without risks so make sure to get a reliable doctor and follow the instructions properly.

Face Your Financial Issues with the Help of a Lawyer

When I moved to the countryside, my main reason is that I want a more peaceful life. I want to stay away from the bustling noise in the city. I want to give more attention to my family and be able to appreciate nature more. However, not everyone who moves from the city to the country shares the same story with me. There are those who move out because they are hiding from their creditors. Instead of facing their financial problems, they just flee in hopes that they won’t be followed.

If you are thinking of doing the same thing, then think again. This will not be in any way, a good move. Take note that running away from your financial burdens will not erase them. They will still be there. They can get even worse. The best thing to do is to hire a lawyer and face your problem.

Searching for Options

When you have a lawyer to help you sort things out, you will be given options on what you need to do. You may file for debt relief or you can go for other forms of debt restructure. They will help you analyze your situation first so you can come up with a solution. Filing for bankruptcy might also be an option if you are qualified for it. Just take note that each option has its repercussion. Therefore, you need to totally understand the situation before making a decision. Ask for your lawyer’s advice. Make sure that if you choose one action, it will be favorable for you in the long run.

Bankruptcy is Not Really a Bad Option

Many people think that filing for bankruptcy is the last possible option. Well, this is true as it has lots of repercussions for your future financial stability. However, it is actually a good way to get out of your problem. There is a clause in the law that protects individuals filing for bankruptcy. Therefore, if you have a good legal team on your side, you are assured of heading towards the right direction. If you want the best Maui Attorney, you can visit here to know more about their services.

How You Can Afford Staying in a Luxury Hotel

Whether you’re a freelancer or you’re working a 9-5 job in an office, you need to take a break and relax once in a while. Going on a vacation, even just for a couple of days, would help recharge yourself, which could make you become more productive when you go back to work. Moreover, you need to treat yourself every now and then for your hard work.

You may be dreaming of staying in a luxury hotel like those in Liverpool. These Liverpool hotels have the best amenities with themed rooms and fantastic view. Your stay would be memorable and you’ll have the time of your life. However, you may be worrying about the budget since luxury hotels can be expensive. There are things that you can do to afford staying in one of these hotels.

Don’t Be Picky on the Date

Do a little research and find out the high and low seasons for these hotels. Most of the time, summer and holidays are their peak seasons. While it could be nice to have your vacation during these times, the hotel rates could be high at this moment. Winter months are usually the low seasons. Even luxury hotels have lower rates during this period. Since it’s cold, you may not be able to do some things like swimming at the beach, but you would still be able to experience staying in a luxury hotel for less.

Eat in Local Restaurants

The meals in the hotel restaurant can be expensive. Unless it’s included in your accommodation, you could save a lot of money if you go out and find a local restaurant or a diner where you can eat. This would also give you the chance to explore the place. Moreover, you’ll be able to try the local cuisines, which you may not have tasted yet.

Search for Gift Certificates

Browse the Internet for gift certificates that you can use on luxury hotels. Some owners of these gift certificates may not be able to use them for some reason. Instead of reaching their expiration date without being used, they sell them for a lower price.

Consider these tips so you can cozy up and enjoy a fun vacation in a luxury hotel without breaking the bank.

What to Do If You Were Involved in a Car Accident

Vehicular accidents could still possibly happen even when you think that you’re doing all necessary precautions to stay safe on the road. There are several possible reasons on why this could happen, including the negligence of another driver. Being involved in this situation can be frightening. However, it’s important to pull yourself together and do the necessary steps to ensure that everyone is safe and claims are processed right away. Here are the things that you need to do if you were involved in a car accident.

Check on Everyone’s Condition

Assess yourself, as well as your passengers to determine the extent of your injuries. If immediate medical attention is needed, call an ambulance for treatment. The most important thing is that everyone is safe.

Call the Police

While you may want to call a family member or a friend right away, call the police first. They would investigate what happened and determine who’s at fault. A police report may also be filed. Get a copy of the report as you would need this when making your claims. Don’t discuss anything to anyone except with the police as whatever you say could be taken against you.

Get Evidence and Necessary Information

Snap a picture of the vehicles. You don’t need a digital camera to do this if you’re not bringing one. Your smartphone would do. Get the names and contact information of the people from the other car, as well as their vehicle information. This would make it easier to communicate with them with regards to claims and settlements.

Call Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company too. They will take care of the damages of the third party, in case you’re at fault. Don’t discuss any settlements with the other driver as your insurance provider would know what to do.

 Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

If you or your passengers suffered from injuries, it’s recommended that you contact a lawyer that specializes in vehicular accident cases, like the attorneys in Vancouver. You could find a trusted car accident lawyer in Vancouver that would ensure you receive the right compensation.

Keep doing precautionary measures to be safe on the road, but be prepared in case accident happens.

Winter in the Countryside

I have just come through my first winter after leaving the city for the middle of nowhere. I thought it was tough in New York but at least there, everything keeps on moving, even if it is slowly.


Here, in the middle of a farming village, winter hits hard.  I tell you, if you think moving to the country is a doddle, think again – I can assure you, from the bottom of my heart that it is not for wimps!

When the snow started in November, everything looked pretty. Coated in a layer of fluffy white snow, all sparkling with the sun still shining on it. Sounds idyllic, right?

It would be if it only snowed for one day. It didn’t. It snowed for four days without stopping, dropping around a meter of the white stuff on us. Well, I can tell you this – I’m glad I listened when the locals told me I would need a four wheel drive jeep. Without it, I wouldn’t have been going anywhere.

Non-stop Weather

When it finally did stop, the temperatures plummeted and the whole village turned into a skating rink. Dangerous driving in NYC is nothing compared to this! It melted after a few days but that was just the beginning.  Over the next two months, it snowed, rained, froze and melted in sequence without stopping for breath.

I did prove myself to the locals though – those of us with four wheel drive vehicles were called on to help get supplies to those who couldn’t get out, or to take them into the nearest town for urgent appointments.

Cabin Fever

It wasn’t really, so bad for me because I could get out but I was starting to understand the term “cabin fever” by the time spring chased winter off. They tell me this was their worst winter in twenty years so it should get better from here.

I have given in though, in a small way. I’m off to Miami next week for a holiday, for some much-needed sunshine.  I checked out some hotel options on the internet and settled on one of the Miami Beach suites at this top hotel. I can’t wait.

Starting a Grand Venture with a New Business

Running a business is a grand venture. Any business, big or small is a story of a man who would go out of his comfort zone, and do something which he loves to do, or believes is worth doing. The essence of entrepreneurship is going alone in an adventure seeking fame and fortune, riches and glory. This is true for any business, whether it’s a bison farm, goat cheese manufacturing, an internet startup, day care center, or even a laundromat. Any person who has the confidence to put his money on his work deserves a lot of support from a whole lot of people.

Of course, the downside is a hard pill to swallow. For one, businesses have to put up money for the first two years, in the hopes of a turnaround by the third year. This has been a rule of thumb for most businesses, and it has been true for so long, that it’s in the textbooks. For another, a lot of businesses fail during the first year. This depends on the industry, as some industries have a higher attrition rate. Patience and perseverance are virtues which are required for any business.

Although a failing business is not the end of the world, it can be a big setback. For a sole proprietor, he might not have any other recourse but to file bankruptcy. There are specialists in the field, including Montgomery bankruptcy attorney and other business lawyers who can help when filing bankruptcy proceedings.

For any individual, bankruptcy is not something to look forward to. However, what it actually does is it freezes assets, at the same time, it gets creditors off of a person’s back. After the bankruptcy period has elapsed, a person would be able to file for loans again. What’s important is that anyone can start a business, and if that fails, he can start another one after that.

One other thing about starting your own business is that it gets to be addictive, and people who have experienced starting a business realize that this is something they can go on repeating. It’s like wash, rinse, and repeat.

Tips in Buying Remote Controlled Helicopters

Living in the countryside has lots of advantages. I can now spend more time with my family, appreciate nature, have time for exercise and many more. One of the best things I enjoy now living in the countryside is that the world seems to move slower. People take time to enjoy the beauty of life instead of rushing to get things done. This is why I now have time to play with something I will most likely consider as a waste of time a few years ago.

Enjoying RC Helicopters

Remote controlled helicopters are said to be toys for all boys. This means everyone can enjoy playing this helicopter whatever their age may be. I am among those who enjoy RC helicopters a lot. It is like flying an actual helicopter with all the modern technologies used in it. When I have free time, I make sure that I bring out my toy helicopter and play around like a child. There are helicopters that are used for either indoors or outdoors, or even both. Thus, I would like to share to you some tips on how you can bring home the best RC helicopter.

Tips in Buying

Here are some of the qualities that you have to look into when buying an RC helicopter:

• It should be extremely powerful for its small size. Even if it looks like an ordinary toy, it must have the ability to fly like a real helicopter. It must also have the ability to react quickly to inputs. This will make it easier for you to control the toy. Otherwise, the feeling won’t be that real.

• The helicopter must be durable. If you are a first timer, you will surely break or crash the helicopter several times. Therefore, it must have the ability to withstand pressure and crashes. If not, you will end up buying over and over again.

• Start with low cost remote controlled helicopters. As mentioned earlier, being a beginner, it might be difficult for you to control the toy and crashes could really happen often. This is why you need to invest on a cheaper item first before going for something bigger or else you will just waste your money. As you become better, you can start spending for more expensive helicopters.

• Make sure that the model that you are to buy has parts that may be bought easily. If there replacements parts are accessible and may be bought at a fair price, then you won’t have any problem with it.

• The flight must be long enough before you let the helicopter land or you will be required to recharge the battery. If it keeps on running out of power,
then you will not enjoy playing it as much as those who can fly the helicopter over a long period of time every time.

• If you want some special features, then go for helicopters with LED illumination. This allows you to play with it even during nighttime.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow in buying an RC helicopter. For more RC helicopter reviews, visit here. If you want to buy the best rc helicopter, then check out

Dating in Your Middle Age: Sharing My Thoughts on the Matter

It can be hard to start dating in your middle age. Most of the time, we’re riddled with the fear of inadequacy. “I’m too old” I told myself, and in many ways, that can be right. Of course, when I did put myself back out there, I found something had changed. When I made myself a dating profile, more and more singles wished to meet me. I was astounded at how positive all of the messages were. It also got me thinking a bit, and now I want to share my thoughts with you guys.

The Options aren’t Bad at All

One of the things that freak people out the most about dating as a middle aged guy is that there might not be any fish in the sea at all. First off, forget that line because it’s simply not true. There are a lot of attractive and intelligent women still waiting for a great guy to come along. If you’re having trouble finding these ladies, don’t worry, it’s much easier finding them now than it ever has before. You also shouldn’t latch on the first girl who shows interest in you. Which means no huge flower delivery in Brisbane but still, a single rose or two would still be nice.

Dating Gets a Lot Easier

While it is true women still have standards, you’ll be surprised at how well the years can refine their tastes. When you go on a date, she will be sure to show if she’s interested in pursuing a relationship with you. This is because they’ve been around many people, both good and bad, and over that time they’ve learned to look for exactly what they want. For you, that means it’ll be easier to find the ladies who are genuinely interested in you.

Confidence comes more naturally

Confidence is much easier to grasp when you’re a little older. Your many years of experience mean that you’ve got a lot more to offer the ladies, so relax. However, don’t let your confidence make you arrogant; women will avoid you like the plague if you do so.

Middle aged dating isn’t sad; it’s actually quite fun. But this is only if you let it be fun for you and her.

Optimistic About The Future and Technology

These are funny times, and I don’t mean the political or religious environment that we now have. I am referring to the disjoint between technology and users. I remember when the phone was a phone. Companies formerly had people to handle the switchboard. Nowadays, all that is done through SIP trunking.

I know how ironic it would seem for a blog to be discussing old things, which a majority of people don’t even know existed before. This was just 30 years ago, and less than half of the current population are younger than 30 years old. That alone is an improvement on the life expectancy and quality of life index, but I digress.

This is great time to be young. With all these technologies and new devices and gadgets, kids and young adults should be happy. Nowadays if you have one cell phone, you can still carry on a conversation with two other people on the line. Or you can send a text message. That also works. If you don’t like text messaging, you can chat over the phone. When I was younger, it made no sense to be writing notes and passing it along to the recipient unless it was the middle of an exam in school. Nowadays, people chat and send text message even while they’re sitting beside one another.

The advances and improvements in technology should be seen as a good omen for the future. We are not headed towards some self-destructive path. We have saved ourselves from the excessive use of DDT, and other pesticides, and we have now almost eradicated a lot of diseases via immunization. Those are all positive points.

When I see kids, I see potential. This is a generation which is riding on the shoulders of giants, and they don’t know it yet. There are a lot of tools available, which only need to be picked up, held and used.
After thirty years, the only telecommunication device which has not changed is the fax machine.

Two Rounds of Belly Fat, Please

As you know, I recently moved to the country, leaving the big city life behind me but before I left, I wanted to make some changes.  The main change I wanted was to my figure, to get rid of the paunch the city had left me with, amongst other things.

So I went on a diet. I joined a gym and went running several times a week. I couldn’t shift that spare tire so I must confess I went to a cosmetic surgeon and asked about liposuction. There. I’ve said it – I had liposuction – twice.

The First Time

The first time I had liposuction, Dallas was the place I chose because they had great reviews. The surgeon used a process known as tumescent liposuction and he removed, I am embarrassed to say, almost 2 liters of fat from my belly and thighs.  To be fair, I felt little in the way of any pain afterwards and there was, surprisingly, no bruising. The only thing that did get me was the itching!

A week after I went back to the gym, not on such a scale as before though. It took me a few weeks to get back into the swing of things again and several more before I could go running. While I was back to normal within 2 months, I had been left with a few pockets of fat that couldn’t be got at with the tumescent liposuction.

Round Two

So I contacted another great clinic for liposuction, Santa Monica this time. After a consultation, I opted for ultrasonic liposuction, which successfully removed all the remaining fat that needed to come out another liter!

Things didn’t go so well this time – I developed pneumonia. I had a minor cold when I went for surgery but didn’t tell the surgeon. I should have done – it may have resulted in my procedure being rescheduled but I probably wouldn’t have wound up in the ER.

Anyway, after recovery, I went for a post-op meeting with my surgeons and he advised me to go for lymphatic drain massages. I felt like a new man – the welling went down, the itching disappeared and I felt better so much quicker than before.

In Conclusion

Many people don’t associate liposuction with men but you might be surprised at just how many go for it. That said it isn’t suitable for everyone and should never be used as a weight loss method.  I was at my optimum weight; I just couldn’t shift the spare tire I was carrying around.

You must be physically fit as well and, if you want to keep the results looking good, you do have to follow a balanced diet and exercise program afterwards. It certainly isn’t permanent and, if you don’t look after yourself, the fat will come back. For me, moving to the country was the answer. Because I am now spending more time walking and working the garden, and I eat a lot healthier too, I have managed to keep the fat at aby, even if for just a few more years.

Smart Ways of Setting Your Personal Office Up

After my retirement I went to several workshops and senior citizens groups where discussions over leading a productive post-retirement life were held. The benefits of joining these workshops were tremendous, I had a renewed spirit and motivation for starting a freelance service and setting up my personal office space for an effective working environment. Here are a few smart ways of setting your personal office from my experience and learning. 

Choose a Convenient Location
One of the best ways of saving time and cost is to find a location that is in close proximity to your residence. Although my first preference is to set up a home office if there are no employees and the company is simply in its initial stages. However, as time progresses and your business develops more, seek a place that is close to your residence. The time taken to travel, the costs associated with travelling to long distance offices are fairly inconvenient after retirement. 

Compare Through Online Services
These days it has become increasingly simpler to look out for places and compare their costs, location and other benefits. Instead of moving around with a real estate agent, one can easily weigh down options on authentic websites. For example, for finding Chicago commercial space visit 42 Floors and check out the extensive details and comparison based data available. It ensures a cost effective and highly customized selection of an office location possible without getting into the hassle of travelling and looking for alternatives all day long. 

Lease Instead of Purchasing
When setting up a new office, cash seems to slip out faster than calculated earlier. To keep things under control, it is better to start off with smaller injections of liquid capital. By leasing important office related equipments and materials, there is a larger sum of cash available for future investments and business growth. Since fixed assets are meant to deteriorate and the money invested in it does not multiply or become available easily, it is better to lease these items rather than purchasing them. The financial flexibility that comes with leasing makes the success of a new venture more likely. Return on investment can be gained in a relatively shorter time period as well. 

Moving Home – Counting the Cost of Credit

Moving is an expensive do, especially when you leave the bright lights behind and head out into the countryside.  Moving normally entails the use of credit of some kind, at the very least your credit card will taking a bit of a hammering.


When you apply for credit lenders generally run a search of your credit score and that leaves a footprint.  I found that when I moved – I needed a loan, I put stuff on credit and eventually my credit report was looking quite bad – even though I have an excellent payment record.

Footprints on your credit report allow you to see who has checked your score. It also allows other lender to see how many times you have applied for credit – if it’s too many times I a short period, its seen as a black mark against you.

One way out of that is to apply for one loan that covers all your requirements. Another way, if you have several credit cards, is to put them all together on one. You can often get good deals if you shop around a bit but only apply for the best deal – too many applications and once again, it’s a black mark.

Keep it Up to Date

It’s very easy when you are in the process of moving to forget to do things like changing your address.  You must do this with all your creditors straight away and don’t apply for credit the minute you move in. Your name must be seen to be on the electoral roll and added on to your credit report.

This is important – some lenders won’t entertain anyone who is not registered on the electoral roll, although some may if you explain you have moved and give them your old address. Don’t forget to keep your payments up either – it’s all too easy to forget when you are in the process of packing up and moving stuff.

One last thing – when you move to the country, don’t expect your credit card to be taken everywhere – some local village shops and bars simply don’t have the facilities to take cards and, as such, you need to keep cash on you. It’s a bit embarrassing when you’ve just done your weekly shop only to find they won’t take your card….